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In the Beginning...

For the last 21 years I have been researching my family history and genealogy.  It has been an amazing journey and I have learned more about myself from finding my ancestors.  I wanted to create a webpage to keep updates and finds attached to my Rootweb.com site but found a Blog suited my need better.  I am hoping to do a blog a week on who I am researching, who I am looking for, and maybe even add some research tips.  I have done over 100 genealogies for others and I am always willing to help someone who is just starting out or has hit a brickwall.

The genealogies I have gathered can be found the link below. With almost 140,000 names compiled so far, I hope to have many more years to continue my search.


Descendants of William Price and Sally Mason of Kings Co, New Brunswick;

Descendants of Mariner Price 2001
William Price b abt 1750 poss Wales but was living in Pennsylvania just before 1774 and was in New Jersey   where he joined the NJ Volunteers a Loyalist unit in the Revolutionary War.  His father was possibly also named William Price, and he may have had a brother who served with him, Joseph Price.  He married Sally Mason who is said to have been born in England but I only have that as a side note, I have never found the source of that information.  He arrived with 4 children and his wife in Oct 1783 in New Brunswick, Canada.  Their children poss James and John, one of these men was either a sailor or a Ship Captain.  Edward Price was the 3rd born son and I have little on him but know he had a son named Edward Price, Jr and was alive in 1861 living in Kent Co, New Brunswick.  Margaret Price the only known daughter married John Coates.  The only children known to be born in New Brunswick were William and Tyler Price are all listed on my site above.

The given name Tyler or Tyle is used in many generations of this family. I expect someday I will find it is a Maiden name of an ancestor but no luck so far.

This family lived in Kings Co, New Brunswick, Canada per land grants. William and Sally both lived to be at least 90 years old and died in Kings Co, NB. After their deaths many of their descendants left Kings Co. William, Edward and Margaret went to Kent Co, NB and Tyler immigrated to Ontario with is family.  I find most people have Tyler born in New York but I have never found this, the sources found all show he was born in NB including the 1861 Ontario Census.

My Ancestor William Price, Jr and his wife Sarah Cushing lived in Washington Co, Maine in 1820 and had 1 female child with them.  I have no information on her or if she lived to adult hood. *Many have William Price, Jr b abt 1789 born in Cooper, Washington Co, Maine.  No where in my research other than living in Maine in 1820 did I find any support to this information.  He may have been living in Cooper when he married Sarah on 30 Mar 1819 in Shediac, Westmorland Co, New Brunswick but in every source he is listed as being born NB.  Sarah on the other hand we know was born in Pembroke, Washington Co, Maine.

William and Sarah had at least 11 children, possibly 12 or more, with the addition of Thomas Price who is in Kent Co, NB in 1853 when he married a Jane Jackson.  No other information has ever been found on Thomas at this time but I believe he is part of this group.  If he is not the son of William than he is the son of Edward Price.
William settled on the Mclaughlin Rd, Kent Co, New Brunswick, what is now Coates Mills, NB

Church and Graveyard at Coates Mills, New Brunswick

Elijah Price (William Jr, William,Sr) b abt 1821 in NB died before 1855 leaving a wife, Sarah Abrams/Abraham and several small children.  Sarah re-marries shortly after Elijah's death, Nathan Stiles, and it seems all of her children are living with other families.  Only a daughter Hannah Price is raised by a known family members as the adopted daughter of James William Bell and Hannah Price, Elijah's younger sister.  I believe I am missing several children from this family as they are married in 1841 and I only have 4 known children before Elijah's death.  Their children were Elizabeth Jane (Betsey), Joseph, Sarah Ann and Hannah.

Elizabeth and Joseph both went to Michigan, Joseph stayed but Elizabeth and her husband John Friars returned to New Brunswick.  Daughter Sarah Ann married her 2nd cousin John Edward Coates. Grandson of Margaret Price (William Sr) and John Coates

Another son, James Price marries Sarah Jane Morton (the sister of my ancestor, see below), very little is known about the family but then names of their children and a very interesting newspaper article from the Boston Herald that was picked up by the St. John Globe;

Date May 14 1884
County Saint John
Place Saint John
Newspaper Saint John Globe

Boston 'Herald' - James F. PRICE pleaded guilty to polygomy and was sentenced to the house of correction for seven months. Price who came from Dundas, N.B. stated to the court that his brother wrote to him that his first wife, whom he married in 1857, was dead, and acting on this information he married a second time, supposing that he was a free man.

I have very little doubt that this is the same James listed above.  He is not with his wife in 1891 New Brunswick and I believe I find him married in Massachusetts at one point.  I have spoken to the Archives in NB and they have no divorce listed for James and Sarah.  I was told it was very rare and expensive as it had to go before Parliament.  I also spoke to the Law Library in Massachusetts and they found no record of the trial. I will keep searching and have a few more options on the trail and jail information.

Lastly, my ancestor William Price b. abt 1829 in NB married Elizabeth Ann (Betsey) Morton. They had as many as 11 children but most likely more.  I only know of only 6 that lived to adulthood.  William died before 1881 as Elizabeth is remarried to a Jeremiah McRae in the census. In 1891 Elizabeth is a widow listed as Elizabeth Price. I have never found what happened to Jeremiah.  This family seems to have been very poor, their home is listed as a Shanty in the 1871 Moncton, NB census.  Elizabeth is said to have died in Boston, Massachusetts in or around 1929 but a search was made a few years ago and no one matching her information was found.  I think she may have died years before that because several of her children's death cerf she is only listed as Morton with no first name.  

No graves have been found for any of my direct Price ancestors.  There is a small graveyard on Rt. 126 in Gallagher Ridge, Westmorland Co, New Brunswick that some refer to the Old Price Cemetery.  There are no stones and no records that I can find.  It is possible that several generations are buried there.

The photo at the top is at a 2001 reunion of the descendants of Mariner J. Price and Sarah Jane Leaman.  Mariner was the son of Ephraim Price, son of William and Elizabeth (Morton) Price.  There were appx. 120 of us in this photo from just this one line.  Ephraim Price Married Sarah Elizabeth Price (surprisingly no relation).
In the next blog I will be adding information of the DNA testing that has been done on this line.  

If you have something to add or a question please feel free to contact me.  This is my first blog so if  grammar or typo are here please excuse it as I become more comfortable with this format.  

Happy New Year to all,


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  1. Hi Michele,
    Welcome to the Geneablogging community. I checked out your database and it appears we have connections through the Barrows, Dunhams and Ellingwood familes, among others! (My paternal 2x great grandparents were Asa F. Ellingwood and Florilla Dunham).