Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Corrections, Mergers and Travels

Well it is that time of the year again and I am off around the country to try to out run the snow and cold of the Northeast.

Spent some time in Texas and loved the Texoma region, the people reminded me of home.  Very friendly and I was so happy the Ice Tea is always available (I might have a slight unsweetened Ice tea addiction)

I am off again next week for a month or so to Florida and then maybe to the southwest again this year for a few weeks.

Now for the research.  Over the years I have been given many research notes, gedcoms and even a couple of genealogy collections from people who have passed on and the family didn't know what to do with the research.  Some I have put aside because they need to many corrections or lack sources for me to check the research.

I made it a goal this summer to do the corrections and merge two of the larger database I keep as well as the research of others I trust to my main research database.  Two of the gedcoms I have are from the same areas of New Brunswick I research and include many of the same families.  However, they contain dates or notes I do not have.

Two months ago I merge everything together in one big database, 420,000 people total, but, I would say about 40,000 people are duplicates.  I have been merging and correcting for those two months, rechecking every source and adding additional information when available.

I expect it will take me another 4 months to finish the updates and corrections.  During this time I will not be updating my One Big Circle site.  It is two much to add to both.  If you are looking for something feel free to drop me an e-mail.

Sometime after the new year I will be uploading the New and Improved One Big Circle database.

Remember to give credit to the person whose research you are using, if you are going to copy a database, don't list it as your own, it is not the way genealogy works.  Those of us who freely share our research do it to help others.  Remember to list your sources.

Happy Holidays to all,