Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hoar Family of Albert and Westmorland Co, New Brusnwick

Now that I am home for a while, unless it starts snowing a lot again, I thought it was time to write a post about my early research of the Hoar family in New Brunswick.

Today I was looking around the internet, Ancestry, ext and I 
found with a smile that every tree had Leonard Hoar and Lois Stiles as the parents of John Hoar b. 1803 in New Brunswick, Canada.  So why am I smiling, because I seriously doubt anyone knows why Leonard is listed as his 
father.  Before 1992 everyone had David Hoar Jr and his wife Ruth Lynde as the parents of John Hoar.

My first trip the the Provincial Archives in Fredericton I found
a copy of 

Digest of ancestry and early history of the Hoar(e) family and descent of the New Brunswick family from Charles Hoare of Gloucester, England by Daniel W. Hoar 

published in 1976. It was a wonderful find and help me start gathering the lines of this family. For a few years I kept the information, adding people, dates and facts to the family. This was while still using paper pedigree charts and research was not done by computer but by mail, phone calls and accually going to an archive or library.

Mr. Hoar did a great job tracking the family. From what I am told he contacted each household with the surname gathering information as he went. The biggest issues it that not everyone had or gave the correct information. My own grandfather, Weston Hoar, said his father was Elmer, which was correct, he listed his grandfather as John, great that was right per sources I was finding. However, everything went wrong after that.

Robert Blinkin Hoar (my favorite name ever!) is listed as John Newton Hoar's father. He was not he was his Step-father. His real father, John Hoar, was listed as a uncle of Robert Blinkin Hoar, and the son of David Hoar Jr and Ruth Lynde. You have to understand this is a small area with lots of big families keeping them straight is a full time job! 

I started all over, as I have done many times in my research over the years. 

The biggest clue to the family was the 1803 Census of Hopewell, Westmorland Co (now Albert Co) New Brunswick.
David Hoar has 5 children over 10 and 2 under.

Lenoard Hoar & wife Lois (Stiles) have 1 child over 10 and 1 child under 10.

The only children under 10 for David Hoar Jr is Eunice & James Linton Hoar. 

The one child over 10 with Leonard is most likely a brother or sister living with him. 

The child under 10 with Leonard is would most likely John. 

Throught Census records, cemeteries, and land records I tracked the family and have a firm case for where they all fit. 

There were also only 3 known children for Leonard and Lois they now have 8 known, John, Eady, Pheobe, George S (Stiles), Esther, Mary, Leonard Samuel (Stiles) and Allen. I would supsect that there are still a few missing children to this family.  I will not even tell you how long it took me to do this. 

My corrected line:
David Hoar Jr and Ruth Lynde
Leonard Hoar and Lois Stiles
John Hoar and Martha Rogers
John Newton Hoar and Lucy Jane Woodworth
Elmer Stiles Hoar (born Elmer Woodworth Stiles) and Nellie M. Leaman
Weston A. Hoar and Sadie Irene Price

If you have taken a DNA test and your Stiles family comes back as matching the Hoar family you should contact me. Many of the children of Leonard Hoar and Lois Stiles moved to the states and changed their name to Stiles (wonder why lol!) 😀

If you have tested and are find this is the case please feel free to contact me.  

Hoping your brickwalls melt away like the snow in spring!