Friday, April 26, 2019

New Brunswickers Lost at Sea

A few years ago I started gathering names of the people of New Brunswick, Canada who were lost or died at sea.  A few months ago I began added them in spreadsheet form to create a new database which is up to almost 300 people.

Some are larger wreck or gales that sank as many as 20 boats.  Others added are seaman from New Brunswick that shipped around the world and died from accident or illness. Fisherman in smaller boats is also included.

Taken from Old Newspapers, diaries, books, and archives it is growing daily.

Some families and communities lost so much to the sea. (see below) Capt. Gilbert Alwin Hoar, his wife was Izetta Mary Daniels, daughter of Capt. William Daniels and Nancy Edgett, her brother Capt. Albert Daniels.

"Hopewell Hill (Albert Co.) Oct. 4 - Advices received here last night state that the masters of the three-masted schooner "Valkyrie" of St. John, commanded by Capt. G.A. HOAR, formerly of this place, have given the vessel up for lost. It is considered the only hope of the crew's safetly is the possibility that they might have been taken off by a passing vessel. Capt. Hoar, the last few years, has been residing in St. John and his wife and family are now there. Mrs. Hoar is a d/o late Capt. Wm DANIELS of Hopewell, whose vessel, the "Alice Carey", foundered at sea on a voyage from the Memramcook quarry to Baltimore, about 25 years ago, all hands, including the captain, being lost. Mrs. Hoar's brother, Capt. Albert DANIELS, was also lost at sea with his crew a few years ago while in command of the brig "Emeline"."
The Daily Sun, Saint John, New Brunswick, 5 Oct 1893 (from PANB Newspapers)

It contains Names, Date of loss, Name of ship, place of birth/residence, age and family if noted.  The sources of the information are also available.

At some point, I hope to add all of the Maritimes but one Province at a time is more manageable.

If you have a family member or ancestor from New Brunswick that is known to have perished at sea please leave a comment or e-mail me directly with sources.

If you are looking for someone before the list is up also feel free to contact me with questions.

I will add an updated blog when I feel it is ready to go online and what format I have decided to use.  Right now I am thinking Google Doc's might be the best.

I welcome your thoughts, suggestions or information.