Sunday, January 13, 2013

Until further notice...

So... I am making an effort to combine and organize all my work into one place.  I receive many e-mails everyday for help or questions on genealogy and I thought it would be a great idea since I have a new e-mail with this blog to change all my information to the new e-mail.
I started a few days ago and even changed my user names on on my accounts to bring everything together.  Of course there is going to be a snag and made everything more complicated than if I just left it alone! ;-{

My Rootsweb account is now stuck. I cannot upload new records, make changes or respond to Post-ems. I also cannot change the message to let anyone know what is going on.


I have sent several e-mail and have read their entire Help section with no luck.

Until further notice the One Big Circle website will not be updated and when I get it fixed I will, one be very happy, and two let you know.

I have about a 1500 person update on the Hovey/Pond/Mackay group out of New Brunswick ready when it is fix.

The blog will continue and next I am thinking about a piece on the Rice/Shumway/Gleason group out of Vermont.

Enjoy your day,

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