Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday cheer...

Happy Holiday to everyone.  Adding my list of great things I bought myself this year for being such a good girl! lol

Lost of information and great reading.  Now I just need to get the other 57 books on my wish list!

Marriage register, Albert County, New Brunswick, 1846-1887 by Ken Kanner and V.Bing Geldart

Cemeteries of Albert County, New Brunswick by David F. Christopher

Hélène's World: Hélène Desportes of Seventeenth-Century Quebec by Susan McNelley  (about 11th great grandmother)

Welsh Genealogy by Bruce Durie

New Brunswick's Early Roads: The Routes that Shaped the Province (Images of Our Past) by Ronald Rees

The Travel Journals of Tappan Adney, 1887-1890 by Tappan Adney  (great story!!)

Upgraded my genealogy software to Legacy 8.  Still working on the new additions to the program.  Over all like the updates

The only thing I have purchased that did not quite live up to all the reviews was the Flip Pal Scanner.  It is a great idea and very useful in some cases but I took it along with me for an archive visit and found it very hard to use in books that do not open and lay flat.  It was easier to use their copier than to scan on most of the larger books.  I did find it helpful for scanning small pictures, it was much easier than my table top scanner.

Hope you have added great things to your research arsenals this year !!

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